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One of the difficulties of Contracts is that it demands the greatest attention to specifics. It is essential that students have an understanding of legal cases and concepts in order for them to successfully pass the examinations. If students don’t understand how to understand and evaluate legal opinions may find it difficult to learn contracts using the case method.

Despite the challenges, Contracts is an important class for students keen to become any sort of attorney. A basic knowledge of contracts is necessary for all attorneys. Contracts constitute a crucial part to the system that is legal. Also, understanding Contracts can also benefit students who are interested in taking up a career in law for business or in any subject that is involving draftsmanship and negotiation.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law is another class that law students are challenged with. Constitutional Law deals with the application and interpretation of the United States Constitution. This course covers such topics including The Bill of Rights, federalism, and the separation of powers. To succeed in this class the students should have an understanding of the Constitution and be able to analyze the principles of the Constitution and apply them to different legal issues.

The challenge of Constitutional Law is the complexity of its legal principles. It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend important concepts such as that of the Commerce Clause or the Supremacy Clause. In addition, the course often is a discussion of Supreme Court cases, which can be difficult to understand especially for those who aren’t adept at analyzing and reading rulings of the court.

Despite the challenges, Constitutional Law is an essential course for students looking to become an attorney of any kind. The Constitution is the ultimate legal system of our country and a basic understanding of its fundamentals is required.


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