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the receipts. The receipts could be used to ask for reimbursement of some of these expenses later on.

Do your best to avoid further Damage

The insurance you have will not cover any storm damages, so it is essential to take additional precautions to protect your home. Secure leaks using an overhang. If you have power and a dehumidifier, it can be used to take away excess moisture from your home. It can prevent mold from growing and spreading throughout your home.

You should also check the gutters from the exterior. A clogged gutter can stop rainwater from draining off the roof. It could result in foundation damage and basement flooding. Cleaning your gutters will get rid of any debris that may lead to another blockage.

It is also recommended to board doors and windows. Plywood is commonly used to board up windows, but if you do not have it available, you could utilize cardboard to replace it. Be sure to wear glasses, gloves, or any other gear that protects you so you aren’t injured by shards of glass.

The priority should be repairs that help prevent further damage before you call repair companies. Damage to your home from water and leaks should be considered your primary concern. When the immediate repairs have been dealt with then you are able to move on to other home storm repair projects.

Choose a Secure Place to Stay

Leaks, flooding, and electrical wire damage could put your home at the risk of electrical wiring damage, flooding and leaks. Do not go out of your home when it’s severely damaged by the hurricane or has to be repaired. If you’re uncertain about your home’s safety the best option is to remain in a hotel or with close family members.

If you can, get professionals to examine the property and spot safety dangers. Find out what repair is needed.


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