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As a rule, home fires result in the deaths of 550 and 4,820 injured. There are 21% of fire-related home fatalities are due to the 555 deaths. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of house incidents of fire-related injuries result from injuries. A recent study from Beaumont Emergency Hospital further exemplifies this through figures that indicate “Two-thirds of fires in homes start within the kitchen. Around about 480 die every annually in kitchen fires and 350,000 suffer injuries by kitchen knives each year. The most commonly reported injuries are burns, fires and injuries to the skin.”

Although there is a high risk of burns and fires and other injuries, kitchen safety is as a priority for any child living in the home. Below are some tips to make sure your kids are prepared to assist in fundamental kitchen tasks to be able to help when it comes time to prepare the next dinner making or morning meal with the family. These are the most basic guidelines for safe cooking that can ensure that you’re in good hands.

Food and Safety Supplies

Safety of food and supplies are among the most crucial and fundamental rules for introducing children to safety in the kitchen. Kids must be taught how to cook and handle food , and how to store it properly. It also translates into understanding how to utilize the tools and materials safely and correctly.

Food storage- All children must be aware of essential rules and regulations when dealing with food. These include things like keeping meat off the counter and not refrigerating dairy items. Also, learning about the possibility of cross-contamination during food storage as well as cooking. It is likely that your child has trouble keeping food safe if they don’t learn.

Handling food- Kids will also have to be taught proper food handling skills. It could simply be simply a matter of remembering to clean your hands after handling food.


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