What to Expect from Invisalign for Teens – Do I Need Braces?

All your questions of yours will be addressed.

With Invisalign and braces, teenagers have the ideal age to get their teeth straight. Since they’re still growing the teeth of their children are moving around in their mouths. Invisalign or braces can direct your teeth’s movement towards where the teeth you’d like them to go rather than following their current path. The final trajectory of aligned teeth is the one to determine the direction they take. The teeth will also be more inclined to shift further into the future.

Teens love Invisalign. Due to the hormonal fluctuations that teenagers experience and being ashamed of having braces will hurt their self-esteem. Since Invisalign is not visible, teenagers are less likely be insecure about braces. Why be ashamed of them when no one else can observe their teeth?

An orthodontist near you can help with the procedure of getting braces for your teenager , or Invisalign.


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