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If you are willing to pitch in and get involved in determining your ideal decor to make your wedding day memorable. It’s a vital item in your 90 day wedding list, so make sure you don’t leave it out.
Do you feel your gown is fitting correctly?

The idea may not sound obvious however, it’s crucial to include fitting the gown into your 90-day wedding preparation. Perhaps you’ve looked at dresses already and identified the one that feels perfect to you, but you need to make sure it’s perfect so that you don’t end up in a disruptive scenario where it’s an hour before the wedding date and you’re still not in a appropriate wedding gown. It’s possible that the dress you chose may not fit as well today because of life. But, be sure that you attend fittings prior to the wedding date to identify any changes required. It should give you plenty of time available to accommodate any adjustments. Having a fitting wedding dress will be priceless because of your confidence boost will give you. But, make sure you go through as many fittings as necessary to ensure that your wedding dress fits exactly the size you want.

Do You Have the Right Equipment?

Your accessories for the big day are just as important as the wedding gown. That’s why this is another essential thing to be added to your 90 day wedding checklist. Before going to the jeweler, it is important be able to choose the type of material that you’d like to use for your wedding jewellery. When you know the items you require then it will be much easier to find the right jeweler for the item. Look up the feedback of the jewelry store you choose to shop from in order to ensure their credibility. This will decrease the chances of getting defrauded or ending up with an experience that’s less than ideal. As an example, if are looking to buy diamond earrings, you should ensure that the jeweler has a license and has high-quality pieces. You can talk to them about any concerns or ideas you have.


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