A Beginners Guide to Making Candles Online Magazine Publishing


You may be nervous at lighting your first candle. But this Sheri Vegas video makes it clear how easy it can be using the beginner’s manual.

It is suggested that you select a suitable container for your candle. You can use a container like a jar, or the mug. In the same way, as in the clip, you can make use of one of the bowls. Additionally, you’ll need the scent, candles and wax.

Sheri says that wicks are typically made from cotton or wood. This candle selects two cotton wicks to put inside a bowl. Sheri shows how to apply sticky tape to hold the wicks straight.

The mixture of wax is comprised with beeswax, paraffin and soy wax. She employs a double boiler for heating the wax to the desired temperature. When the wax has been melted it is time to add scent.

Sheri suggests pouring the wax gradually and evenly in the bowl, to prevent the formation of holes as it cools. The wax can stick close to the rim of the bowl if the bowl is first heated.

Cool the candle completely overnight before trimming the wicks. It’s fun to create candles in a creative way for personal use or as gifts!


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