17 Ideas for the Best Transportation Business to Start for Automotive Professionals – Car Talk Radio

The cost of initiation is low for EP

An affordable vehicle to use as a taxicab for your business can run you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 dependent on the condition of the vehicle and the brand. Taxicabs are licensed in a number of cities. They are one of the highest-profit segments of the transportation industry.

10. Bus Transport Services

Most travelers aren’t able to manage to afford flying, so many choose buses instead. If you do not have the ability to drive the bus by yourself It will be required for you to buy the bus. As an affiliate the possibility is to attach your bus to an existing transportation company.

11. Driving School Service

If you’re a skilled driver, think about opening the first driving school. Every year, nervous teenagers who are at the legally driving age, or people who don’t have any driving experiences, join a driving school. If you’re in search of a solid source of income in the transport industry, a driving school business is lucrative and satisfying in that you are able to mold the future generation of drivers.

Before you start an instructor-led driving program it is essential to acquire the necessary permits and licenses necessary by the state you reside in. Even though it’s a bit stressful to obtain approval for a permit or license for a driving academy but it’s worth it, especially if you are a passionate driver.

12. Children’s Pickup Service

Offering child pick-up services can be a lucrative business idea for car professionals. Take advantage of your car and drop your children off at the schools or to pick them up after school if you are a professional in childcare.

13. Equipment Transportation Service

If your vehicle is able to lift and move heavy machinery, you can use it to offer a specialized service to customers or businesses which require transport of large supplies from one place to another. Tradespeo


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