8 Popular Italian Desserts You Have to Try – Confluent Kitchen

O: These thin, crisp waffle cookies are perfect to serve with ice cream sandwiches. These sweets can also be served with hot cocoa or coffee for a sweet treat that will fill your craving for sweets.

Torrone is an excellent Italian dish. The egg whites that bind the chewy, soft nougat are sweetened with honey and sugar.

Tiramisu Standard: This traditional tiramisu recipe is made up of layers of ladyfingers and mascarpone cream as well as grated chocolate. Also, it has a coffee syrup, which is flavoured by Rum. It’s rich and fluffy and hard to resist.

Cranberry Almond Biscotti: This hard and crunchy biscuit loaded with almonds, dried cranberries, and works perfectly with tea or coffee.

Italian traditional cookies: This beautiful recipe is simple and will surely impress.

Pine Nut Cake, Italy While it appears like a brownie, the taste is really thick, sweet and dense. But, the inclusion of pine nuts makes the cake more elegant and delicious.

Chocolate-infused gelato and homemade ice cream cones: When you’ve got an amazing Italian dessert to choose from There’s no reason to rush out to buy ice cream. It will be enhanced when served in crisp homemade cones.


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