What Is Antitrust Law and Why Should You Care? – Media Content Lab

of smaller firms. Are you concerned? This video will tell you how.

The principal purposes of antitrust laws are to safeguard businesses, free trade, as well as the interests of both competitors and consumers. The antitrust laws impact your daily living in many ways, such as when you shop for groceries at the supermarket, buy a car, or download latest software on the internet.

The aim for the Federal Trade Commission is to protect and ensure the integrity of a free market. Antitrust law promotes market competition by preventing anticompetitive mergers as well as corporate conduct. Antitrust law assists in stopping the practice of monopolization. This occurs in cases where a corporation, often an enterprise with market power, leverages its market position to thwart rivals or limit any competitor in the market of a specific niche.

Conspiracy is a violation of antitrust law. This refers to companies that join hands and agree to charge the same price, but not setting their rates, or even rivalry between each other. Speak with an attorney should you suspect that an action you’re contemplating taking could have negative consequences for antitrust. wj7mlyd67t.

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