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The therapist will place inflammable items such as paper a cup, herbs, and alcohol, then sets them aflame. The therapist places the cup onto your skin, and the flames cease to burn. As the air inside the cup begins to cool down, a vacuum will be formed. The cup remains in place for about three minutes. A modern version of cupping therapy involves the use of a pump made from rubber instead of a flame to create a vacuum within the cup. Sometimes, massage therapists may utilize silicone cups which can move around on skin to perform a massage. After wet cupping has been done over a period of three minutes, gentle suction will develop. The therapist will then remove cups from patients and then uses the scalpel to make light, very small cuts. After that, they apply a suction that draws the out of a little bit of blood. Patients looking for alternative therapies including acupuncture could benefit from cupping therapy to help them in battling various ailments and diseases.
Cervical spondylosis facial paralysis Acne Zoster Varicose Veins Anxiety and depression. High blood pressure, skin issues and diseases Gynecological and reproductive disorders Rheumatic conditions such as arthritis blood disorders such as hemophilia or anemia. What to ask your Doctor First

Before beginning cupping or another type of alternative or complementary treatment be sure to consult your physician. Speak with the cupping therapist prior to the procedure. You can discuss:

Are there any good reasons to not seek cupping? Do you have any existing normal treatment options for your situation? What ailments do they prescribe cupping to treat? What is the procedure for cupping? Cupping Therapy Is Performed

Cupping Therapy utilizes small cups made of glass, bamboo or and


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