This Could Be Why Your dryer is Not Working – Family Tree Websites

The line isn’t drying anymore. Unfortunately, like all machines dryers do stop working. It’s frustrating. If your dryer is not even starting it could have quick fixes. In this video, we will learn three things to look for when the dryer will not start. If you are unable to identify the issue, call the expert in dryer repair.

The most common issue is the lever which determines when the door of the dryer is locked or not. In order to protect the user it is recommended that the dryer not switch on unless the lever is pushed down by the door. It is situated to the left of the dryer, along its inside edges. When you push it down there should be a click. If you do not hear an audio click, it’s likely your issue.

After that, make sure you click the start button. Then, you can access the back panel and check it with some instruments. It should produce a small sound when the circuit is being powered on. There’s a problem with the beginning button, if it’s silence. Watch the video for more information.


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