Why Do We Laugh at People Falling? – UNM Continuing Education

and you just crack up. It’s a common event! The media loves shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos and love watching the complexities of people who are slack on camera. However, why are we doing this? Are we insane for laughing at other people’s misfortune or clumsiness? You’ll be glad to learn there’s an excellent scientific explanation of why we laugh at the other person’s fall. This video provides a reason for why pain is so funny.

To begin with, the laughter over falling is limited by experts to”the “play frame” or when it’s not actually serious. If someone fell from an extremely high height there is no reason to laugh. If you’re confident that the person is safe it is a natural response to release your energy. The reason we laugh is our excitement at the moment and release anxiety by laughing. It is possible to either smile or get scared in response to any unexpected situation. This is just a normal human response to an unexpected event.


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