See How a Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help Your Back – Séadhin

h3>What does a Chiropractor do? Chiropractic care is for individuals with health issues due to your neuromusculoskeletal system. It includes nerves, muscles and bone (especially the vertebrae). Chiropractors alter and manipulate an individual’s spine, in addition to others, in order to fix curvatures and straighten areas. They are able to help patients with neck and back pain including headaches, numbness or various other problems. Imaging with X-rays, as Dr. Cordova discusses in the video, X-rays form crucial to chiropractic treatment. This is the most effective method to identify the reason an individual has a health issue. When they have reviewed the pictures, they can create an action plan for them to aid patients. The X-rays taken are further taken during the course of treatment to determine any improvements.

If the procedure is on track, then therapy continues until a conclusion is found. Chiropractic care can be adjusted to determine if there is any improvement.


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