Hire a Local Roofer When You Need an Inspection in Rochester – Rochester Magazine

” indicates areas to be inspected, including the roof’s ventilation system, gutter and shingle installation as well as flashing conditions.

Russ Ackerman starts the video by documenting the under-roof attic ventilation system. It may comprise gables or roof vents. In the next section, examine the gutters and drip edge flashing that is used for roofing shingles. Ackerman examines roof vents and the attic ventilation system while standing on the roof. Ackerman recommends taking several perspectives of the roof using an overview camera, allowing you to look over the roof and determining the condition of flashings as well as nails. Additionally, he suggests that the the shingles need to be closely joined and any deviations should be a sign of the need to repair.

For the purpose of assisting in the planning of a comprehensive roofing repair evaluation, each of the rooftop penetrations should be recorded. Rochester roof inspectors are skilled and possess the required knowledge. z5c8f72mrk.

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