Beginners Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse – Healthy Lunch

When you’re employed as a travel nurse, you must ensure that you are able to demonstrate the following qualifications. Experiential experience in the area that you’re applying to, including ICU, NICU or ER.

It’s crucial to verify that your permits and certificates are current. It’s not possible to legally licensed in two different states, and operate within the identical state. Licenses from both the state in which your residence is located in and another one is required. It will amount to an enormous amount of money.


An experienced recruiter will be able to recognize your strengths and help you find that perfect job. Make sure you do your homework and take your time. You could be a victim of a bad recruiting agent who isn’t able to find the most suitable jobs.


In order to be considered for employment it is necessary to make an application and submit your resume and reference letters, as well as licensing certificates and skills and an authorization.

Telephone Interview and Credentialing

After a while it is time to conduct an online interview with potential employers to make sure that you’re a great match. If you’re a good fit the next step is to go through an credentialing procedure to help prepare you for work.

It is evident that becoming a travel nurse isn’t as straightforward than buying a flight and showing up to work. If you’re persistent you can get the ideal job that pays the highest pay, and lots of flexibility.


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