Air Duct Installation – Vacuum Storage

d? One of the many great services for home air duct cleaning is available. On the other hand it could be that your air ducts have become worn out and must be completely replaced. This instructional video will help you understand the steps to install air conduits.

Each air duct is made up of two pieces of aluminum that need to be welded together. Each piece has both male and female connectors. They simply snap to each other. Then, they must be connected by hammering and notching around the edges to allow another segment made up of two pieces to be joined. After that, turn the notch inwards using an instrument. The s-clip must be placed in the unbent portion of the pipe. This allows the two sections to move into position. For the purpose of holding the two parts together, you will need to install the drive clamp. The cleat must be hammered into the desired position and screws put into every corner. To secure the seams apply mastic tape. Mastic gel made of elastomer is used along the horizontal seams between the sections to form the rubberized seal. In the end, insulation is swathed around the vents and then is stapled to the vent.


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