Things You Didnt Know About Motorcycles – Fast Car Video

p>Ever wondered about the endless number of facts about motorcycles that are out there? Yammie Noob has compiled this lengthy list of bizarre and unexpected information concerning motorcycles. What are the different names of motorcycles? To which of them will draw the greatest attention from women, in addition to urban myths and legends.

The show is delivered in his distinctive style, Yammie talks about, and rambles on about motorcycle facts like how to boost your bike, as well as which riders will be dispensing the best advice. Yammie also scours statistics about improving your speed. The show comes with the latest gear and helmets.

Yammie closes with a dark and humorous review of the lives of motorcycle riders and the way they deal with their bikes once they have overtaken your day, night or even your wallet. In this slam-dunk video performance, Yammie delivers yet another characteristically sarcastic monologue on details about motorcycles, features, culture, and the biker mindset.

Subscribe or die, Jammie has made motorcycle culture come back into the spotlight once again.


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