What is Cascarilla de Soya or Soybean Meal?

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Cascarilla de soya or soybean meal is a bi product flour that is created after grinding the soybean, thus extracting the soybean oil. Cascarilla de soya is created using high quality, dehulled, clean yellow soybeans. This is due to the fact that beans with a darker coloring or coat will leave dark specks in the flour. Cascarilla de soy is very high in protein and is a commonly used protein supplement. It is also used as a protein supplement in the feed for dairy cattle.

All commercial soybeans that are grown in the United States are yellow or yellow brown. Processing cascarilla de soy has several steps to go through before going to an international trading company or soybean trading companies.

First, the beans are threshed to separate the beans from the pods. This is usually done during harvest via modern combines that can harvest and thresh simultaneously. During this process, care is taken to prevent breaking the beans. Breaking the beans can reduce product quality, and may incur damage from insects or disease.

The soybeans are then moved through a post harvest system. This is the step where the beans for the cascarilla de soya is moved from the fields to the drying site. During the drying process, the beans are dried quickly to reach the proper level of moisture. Drying is done to allow favorable conditions for the storage and additional handling process needed for producing quality cascarilla de soya.

Then they are moved to collection centers or storehouses where they will then be transported to processing centers. The proper storage process is important to this procedure. They beans must be stored at facility that can transport the beans safely to processing centers or to growers that want to use the seeds for their next crop.

At the processing centers for cascarilla de soya, the beans are cracked then rolled into flakes, as well as having the oil extracted. The flakes are then ground to produce the cascarilla de soya to be sold. Many soybean trading companies sell cascarilla de soya to agricultural products Latin America, or productos agricolas de latinoamerica,

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