Two Reasons Why Your Group Should Choose a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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Churches and assisted living centers often find the need to have a good mini bus or passenger bus for the transportation of their members to and from events, and their homes. Both populations are more likely than most to serve individuals that are wheelchair-bound. Unfortunately, the programs in charge of this transportation might not think about wheelchair accessibility until they are presented with the challenge of transporting someone with a disability. Before you buy a bus, consider the importance of finding wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Everyone should be included.

A Harris Interactive survey from the National Organization on Disability found that a third of individuals polled reported that inaccessible transportation was a problem. Even if you don’t have any handicapped individuals in your church or at your center today, in the future someone might become injured, or someone with a wheelchair might join your group. Lacking wheelchair accessible vehicles, your group will not be able to include the handicapped on excursions.

It’s easier to accommodate.

Even many used buses are either already wheelchair accessible vehicles, or they can be altered with just a few changes. These days, accommodating wheelchairs can be as simple as adding a wheelchair lift in conjunction with modifying the floor plan. Even passenger vans can be made more accessible for the handicapped with the addition of unfolding wheelchair ramps, or rear suspensions to reduce the height of floor.

The Americans With Disabilities Act may not strictly apply to your group, but it is still important to think about how your choice of transportation will affect the current and future members of your organization. It has never been easier to find a vehicle that has wheelchair accessibility, and bus sales groups may even be able to help you modify an existing vehicle to be more accessible. If you want to be sure that everyone in your group is comfortable, then consider wheelchair accessible vehicles. To learn more, read this.

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