Make the most of your space with green roofing systems

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Home of the first skyscraper, Chicago has been topping its towering towering structures since green roof programs led the way in 2006. Now, more and more Chicago roofing contractors are being contracted to install green roofing systems. As technology develops these green roofing systems are being applied in more places with greater degrees of intricacy and customizability. These new roofing opportunities are making a it possible for your Chicago commercial roofing company to bring their skills to the residential market. This means that roofing in the Windy City can go green for both big businesses and homes.

What are green roofing systems, and how can they help your home or business?

Generated out of global initiatives to reduce carbon footprints, make full use of space, and create more dynamic building structures, green roofing systems allow property owners to put a garden where their roof is. Without sacrificing a functional roof, roof contractors are adding another level of utility to many homes and businesses. Green roofs are true gardens planted on top of existing structures. This modern take on agrarian life is made possible by a waterproofing membrane that supports a growing medium. Many green roofing systems also include irrigation systems, root barriers, and drainage.

Why would a commercial roofing company sell these green roofing materials?

The truth is, these techniques are good for the environment. Going with green roofing does not just expand potential agricultural space. Increasing green spaces in urban areas helps to reduce the carbon footprint, reduce incidents of flooding and water damage by catching rain water, and decrease temperatures to mitigate heat island affects. Finally, green roofing increases livable landscape for certain wildlife, allowing for more functional coexistence. Due to this movement, it was a smart commercial roofing company that invested the time and money to learn the trade of green roofing. In the end these roofing contractors are able to provide revolutionary skills while capitalizing on a market in demand of those services. Going green is a win, win situation.

Do not worry, traditional roofing has not fled the city of Chicago. There will always be a need for, and a healthy supply of, shingles and tar. A great commercial roofing company will have access to residential roofing contractors who can offer roof repair services and estimates. In both cases of traditional and green roofing jobs, finding great help means talking to multiple contractors about what they have to offer. After finding referrals, or at least a functional list of possibilities, ask for quotes. Ultimately, the process of property evaluation and quoting will help consumers choose the best contractors for the job. If you are one of those more explorative property owners, do not hesitate to make a green roof installation a reality for your home.

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