Be Safe on Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle riding safety tips

Motorcycles have an appeal that many other vehicles do not. They can reach high speeds, they are compact and can weave in and out of traffic, and they are usually cheaper than traditional automobiles. These are only some of the reasons why there were more than 9 million motorcycles registered in America as of 2012. What motorcycles lack however, is an adequate amount of safety for the driver. A large number of fatalities connected to motorcycle accidents happen every year, and more than half of motorcycle crashes occur when a bike crashes into other vehicles on the road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

With such a high incidence rate, there are several motorcycle safety tips for drivers that can help protect them from potential calamities, and also reduce the severity of injuries if they do fall from their bikes during an accident. Many cyclists are encouraged to wear gear that is made from leather. Jackets and clothing made from leather and other durable materials will protect a driver’s skin from contact with a hot bike engine, and prevent road rash from the hard pavement on highways and streets. Also, protective gear such as helmets can prevent serious injuries. The Department of Transportation certifies a number of helmets, and it recommends that all U.S. drivers wear these helmets because they have been rigorously tested for durability and efficacy.

In addition to suiting up properly, experts recommend that drivers check their bikes before every use. A faulty part could cause a serious accident. The good news is that motorcycle parts are often easy to replace. Depending on the type of bike, custom parts for motorcycles can be found at a specific motorcycle dealer, or you can buy motorcycle parts online. Handlebars, pedals, and other motorcycle parts and accessories that belong to one brand of motorcycle may not fit the style and design of another, so finding the right parts could take a bit of research. For example, Suzuki makes its own custom parts for motorcycles they produce, and these cannot necessarily be used on a Harley Davidson. But there are some custom parts for motorcycles that can be used on multiple bikes such as rims, and wheels.

In any case, be sure to check your motorcycle for any signs of damage or malfunction before each ride, wear protective gear, and make yourself visible on the road. Being able to cut through traffic and zoom past other cars sounds great in theory, but in reality, one small move from another vehicle that bumps into your speeding motorcycle can cost you your life, or seriously injure you. It is not worth the risk.

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