Are You Considering a Job in Speech Therapy?

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Speech language pathology is the study of speech and language problems. Those who work in healthcare jobs relating to speech are known as speech language pathologists or SLP. These healthcare professionals work with those people who have language, speech, voice, swallowing and communication related disorders. Along with doctors, nurses, those who work in occupational therapy jobs or in outpatient physical therapy and the like, are the healthcare professionals who are committed to fulfilling the lives of others. Speech language pathology is a profession that requires certain necessary qualities such as innate kindness, consideration, patience and understanding on the part of the practitioner.

Men and women who work in speech language pathology are usually required in educational institutions to provide treatment to students with voice or language disorders. How much money a speech pathologist or language therapist makes is dependent on their education background, experience, specialization and nature of work. Most people who work in speech therapy jobs will say the experience of fulfilling the lives of others is itself the reward.

The people are eligible to apply for the job of a speech pathologist only if he or she has a master’s degree in speech language pathology. Speech pathologists can acquire Certificate of Clinical Competence from the speech language and hearing associations. Speech pathologists work in various healthcare facilities including hospitals, rehab clinics, skilled nursing facilities, public and private schools, community clinics, colleges, universities, home health agencies, long term care facilities, assistant living facilities, state and local health departments, research laboratories, and state and federal government agencies.

Using speech therapy materials, a speech pathologist or language therapist is qualified to work with children, young people and adults who have some form of communication disorder. It is often thought that a speech pathologist or language therapist is only able to help with actual speech production problems, but the range of services has proven to be much wider.

The duties for those who work in speech language pathology include treating disorders in individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly. They perform swallowing and feeding evaluation, identify normal and abnormal swallowing anatomy and physiology, develop treatment plans, provide treatments and document progress and providing teaching and counseling to individuals and their families, and so much more.

One who works in language therapy or in speech language pathology will have undertaken a three or four year degree course at university, and most have completed a post graduate course after following a previous degree. The courses are intensive and consist of both theoretical work and clinical placements and all speech pathology students experience working with a wide range of communication disorders.