Tips for Long-Lasting Bridal Make Up

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For many women, makeup is a huge part of their day-to-day looks. In fact, for many of us, it effects how we feel about ourselves in a major way. Studies have shown that 25% of women believe they would be passed over for promotions if they didn’t wear makeup to work, 33% won’t leave the house without makeup, and that 10% won’t let their significant others see them without makeup. In fact, the average woman waits nearly three months into a relationship before revealing her bare face. For many, makeup matters, and though you may have hit the no-makeup-milestone with your significant other many months or even years ago, its unlikely that you’ll want to walk the aisle without any product.

Bridal makeup is critical to your big-day look, and it’s definitely do-able on your own, as long as you use the right products and right techniques. These tips for bridal makeup are a great place to start.


Before you get started, rub in a little moisturizer to make sure your face isn’t looking flaky on your big day. On top of that, you’ll want to use some sort of face primer make up. Primer is one of those professional makeup products you can go without on a normal day, but that will make all the difference for your wedding. It ensures that your makeup won’t budge and that you’ll have a shine-free visage.


Again, it’s important to start with eyelid primer make up so that your makeup doesn’t run. Also invest in some waterproof liner and mascara, even if you aren’t planning to cry. A little preparation never hurt anybody. Once your eye shadow and liner are in place, use an eyelash curler for about 30 seconds before applying mascara. Applying after mascara can cause your lovely lashes to break.


Lip primers can prevent lip color from feathering and bleeding, at the same time conditioning and softening lips. Apply a coat first and then follow up with lip liner, exaggerating your cupid’s bow. Fill in with lipstick and blot, and then coat your lips with face powder. This guarantees that your lip makeup will stay in place. Finish the job with one more coat of lipstick and blot again.

The Big Picture

On your wedding day, it’s a good idea to stay away from anything too trendy or dramatic. You won’t want to look back in ten years and have regrets. It’s also a good idea to do a test run about a week before your wedding to make sure you’re comfortable with the decisions you’ve made. Perhaps the most important tip we can deliver, however, (yes, it’s even more important than primer make up) is to not get too hung up on your cosmetics. At the end of the day, you’ll be married to your best friend, and that person will think you’re beautiful even with smudgy lips. Reference links.


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