The Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy

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Did you know that an estimated 38 million Americans pay for massages each year? Massage therapy is a rather broad discipline, and, thus, professional practitioners specialize in many different areas that include Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, and many others. Unlike the “massages” that a spouse or friend can give you, a professional massage therapist offers much more than a simple body rub or chair massage.

Among the different types of massage specialties, deep-tissue massage has been gaining popularity over the last decade. Deep-tissue massage is intended to relieve severe tension by firm manipulation of the connective tissue and muscle, which massage therapists refer to as “fascia.” By focusing on the second layer of muscles in different parts of the body, deep and sustained pressure is employed to manipulate muscles that lighter techniques could never reach. In addition to relieving intense stress, deep-tissue massage is often prescribed to patients suffering from chronic body aches.

Another common reason that people attempt to find masseurs is to aid in the treatment of sports-related injuries. It may not be as exotic or sophisticated as reiki healing or myofascial release, but sports massage can be highly effective for increasing blood flow to muscles, as well as stretching and straightening muscles that have become knotted or cramped. Despite its name, sports massage is not only for athletes, but for anyone suffering from muscles aches, which can be treated effectively by increasing the amount and rate of nutrients are delivered to aching muscles.

There are many benefits of professional massage therapy, but it is crucial that one enlists the services of a licensed massage therapists. The most efficient way to be certain that a massage therapist is professionally trained is licensed is to obtain a written referral from your physician or health care provider.

While there is no guarantee that massage therapy will be equally effective for every client, there is no medical treatment, technique, or medicine that could makes such an unrealistically bold claim. But if you suffer from chronic pain and nothing else seems to work, or if you simply yearn for relief from severe tension, you should probably consider setting up an appointed with a licensed massage therapist.

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