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Oceanside health clinic

Finding quality medical care does not mean you have to wait for hours in an emergency room, or spending months playing phone tag with your doctor’s secretary. You can get the care you need in under 20 minutes by locating the nearest urgent care facility near you. Most of these centers have certified physicians, medical assistants and nurses. There is always at least one physician on-site. A 2010 study by the Rand Corporation showed that 20 percent of visits to the ER could have been treated by urgent care clinics. Furthermore, this could save about four billion dollars annually in health care costs. For this reason, the health care system in America has seen urgent care centers become the fastest growing trend with more than 500 centers nationwide.

Urgent care facilities provide patients with walk in doctors and extended hours. While most physicians offices typically do not extend past normal business hours, urgent care centers are open late for your convenience. They can treat non-life threatening illnesses like the flu, ear infections, or lacerations that requires stitches. Urgent care providers also cost much less than a typical ER visit. Seeing walk in doctors can cost as low as $150 dollars, whereas a trip to the ER could set you back thousands of dollars. In addition, no appointments are necessary and the doctor will have you in and out within 45 minutes. If medication is needed, many facilities have an on-site prescription drug dispenser that allows you to get the medication you need before you leave.

Urgent care centers provide a safe, trustworthy alternative to your doctor or the emergency room. Many centers are certified by the Urgent Care Association of America, which was designated in 2009. These centers have been inspected and modeled to fit the needs of patients, making sure that all areas of the facility are labeled properly and that the center is properly licensed. Look for a certified urgent care center near you to get the care you or your family needs. Get more info here.

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