Don’t Make the Wedding Blooper Reel Serve Good Food

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For your upcoming wedding, one of the biggest concerns you have is probably who is going to cater the event. Food can leave a lasting impression, so finding the right wedding catering company is important. Whether you are one of the 25 percent of couples that do a destination wedding, or you find a local venue, you will end up spending thousands of dollars on food. Catering companies take the number of guests into account, the price of the food, and also the number of items you select from their menu. Wedding food catering accounts for a large percentage of the cost of a wedding. With the average cost of a reception at about $13,000 a year ago, you can expect to pay about half of that to your caterer.

While finding the best cuisines on the menu is a major part of selecting the right catering company, it is not all that you should consider. Look at their website to see what kinds of events they specialize in. Local catering companies that specialize in cocktail party catering or small parties might not have all the equipment necessary to successfully cater your event. Corporate catering companies will usually have the supplies and experience needed for both small cocktail party catering and large party events, and they might even offer a more extensive menu. Ask about deals and packages that include free drinks at the bar for a portion of the event. Also check to see what services are included in the price you pay. This includes transporting the food, set up, clean up, and if they provide a wait staff for your guests.

Food is only one part of a wedding, but it often dictates what the guests will remember about your event. With the amount of money and planning it takes to put a wedding together, it is no surprise that a Pew Research Report revealed that in 2010, only half of the adults over 18 in the U.S. were married. That percentage was down about 20 percent from 1960. You can save money by getting money in Utah since it is the cheapest place to tie the knot, but you will still spend a chunk of cash either way. Take the time to research different catering companies for the best deals, and ask your family and friends for recommendations. It is your wedding day, and you want it to be memorable.

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