You Just Dropped Your iPhone in the Toilet! Now What?

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9 out of 100 people who own an iPhone have at one time or another dropped the phone in the toilet, resulting in a water damaged cell phone. In fact, water is the most common result of liquid damage to iPhone parts, resulting in 43 percent of all liquid smartphone related snafus. 6 percent of iPhone owners have accidentally left their phones on the top of the car before getting in and driving away. I can truthfully count myself as one of those 6 percent. When it happened, I eventually realized what I had done, but when I came back to retrieve my phone, it had a cracked screen and the phone battery was ruined. Of course, I had to take it into a phone repair shop where I was unceremoniously informed that the phone was totaled, and I would have to get a new one.

There have been more than 34 million iPads sold in the United States since 2010. Oddly enough, there have been greater than three times the amount of breakages reported in regards to the iPad 2 than there were for the original iPad. You have to wonder whether the iPhone parts and iPad parts used in the original models were better or stronger than those put in subsequent versions, or perhaps buyers of the iPad 2 are just more accident prone as a group than the more cautious original iPad owners. In any case, it is good to have some knowledge of what to do when you have damaged your iPhone.

If you get your iPhone wet and you do not want to to pay for a whole new phone or for replacement iPhone parts, there is something you can try that might get the phone working again. First of all, after retrieving your iPhone from the watery depths, turn the phone off immediately. Then, place it in a container of uncooked rice. Make sure the phone stays completely submerged in the rice grains for two or three days. Sometimes, the grains of rice can draw enough water out of the iPhone parts that the phone will be as good as new. If not, you will probably have to take it to an iPhone repair shop where they can replace the affected iPhone parts and order new iPhone parts as needed. If the iPhone parts that have been damaged are beyond repair, you will have to get a new smartphone. Good refereneces:

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