Why Are Bioidentical Hormones a Superior Choice for Hormone Therapy?

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For a wide variety of conditions affecting women, from pregnancy to menopause, the need to stabilize hormone levels in women arises. For instance, hypothyroidism is a condition that commonly affects people of all ages, especially older adults. Women, especially those over 60, have the highest risk. Leaving hypothyroidism untreated during pregnancy can do permanent harm to the baby. Opting for hypothyroid treatments using hormone supplements is one of the best ways to solve a wide variety of issues. Bioidentical hormones are a modern, effective treatment for hypothyroidism and much more.

What is Bioidentical Hormones?

Asking “what is bioidentical hormones” yields a quizzical look from many people. To put it simply, bio hormones for women are synthesized in a way so that they mimic natural hormones already found in the body. Unlike other forms of treatment, those using bioidentical hormones are not looking only to stimulate an increase in crucial hormones but to replace them naturally.

How Are Bioidentical Hormones for Women Made?

Bioidentical hormones are made in the laboratory using soy and wild yams as a model for recreating the compounds found in plants. However, unlike hormone supplements that are created from and contain soy and wild yam extract, bioidentical hormone products have been synthesized and processed by specially trained compounding pharmacists. This may result in a more effective, more reliable form of hormone replacement therapy.

Common Uses

Bioidentical hormone replacement, like synthetic hormone replacement therapy, is prescribed to increase and stabilize a woman’s hormone levels. Common issues that may be treated include the aforementioned hypothyroidism and issues associated to women in menopause. Indeed, one of the largest groups of women asking “what is bioidentical hormones” are those who have prematurely entered menopause due to years of smoking. Smoking is known to trigger menopause a few years early, after all.

Where to Buy Bioidentical Hormones

Any woman, whether she is in need of androgen replacement or estrogen therapy, needs to consult with her doctor before beginning any sort of hormone replacement therapy. Many products falling under the definition of “what is bioidentical hormones” are deemed safe and effective by the FDA. However, as Harvard Health Publications points out, not all products are created equal. The only way to ensure successful treatment is by speaking with a physician. They will discuss options with their patients and inform them where they can buy bioidentical hormones if they deem them necessary.

As can be seen, bioidentical hormones, synthesized to be a natural replacement for the body’s deficient chemistry, can be quite useful in hormone therapies. However, as with any medical treatment, women need to consult their physicians before starting in order to find what works best for them.
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