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The advertising industry is mind-bogglingly enormous, producing $48 billion in revenue. The market is saturated with companies specializing in individual components of marketing. Rising to the top, however, are powerhouse companies that provide all the most important services in one place. For those looking for marketing services, there exist skilled companies that can provide web design services, graphic design, and custom video production all in one location.

What’s the benefit of getting everything in one place? It is much easier to coordinate branding across multiple platforms when each one is managed by the same company. It is also logistically much easier to work with one company instead of three. Choosing to work with one of these companies may be an investment, but it’s often worth it. Here, we’ll look at the role each of these components plays in a quality marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Though graphic design factors heavily into many aspects of marketing, one of the most critical contributions of graphic design is the creation of a quality logo. Emblems promoting a business should be easily recognizable and integrated across a variety of platforms. To find graphic designers who do quality logo work, it is often wise to look into established companies providing graphic design services. Though college graphic design students can freelance the work for less, the quality is often compromised.

Internet and Search Marketing

Content marketing and social media use is essential for companies looking to get their names in front of consumers. About 83% of marketers have said that social media is instrumental to business success. Undoubtedly, the fact that more than half of all Facebook users have liked at least one brand has something to do with that. Having a social media presence and blogging and syndicating content frequently is essential. In fact, businesses that blog get about 55% more site views than businesses that don’t.

Web Design

Web design today is much more complex than it was even a few years ago. Google now grades websites based on ease of access, aesthetics, and navigability, all of which play a major role in a web site’s success. Sites should be search engine optimized and should appeal to users at first glance, since most users only provide a ten second window for a website to prove its quality.

Custom Video Production

Videos are a major draw for users visiting a website, and professional video production is essential to the effectiveness of this particular feature. Corporate video services can help you share the important information about your company through one of the internet’s best loved mediums, incorporating your logo, footage, and voiceovers into an excellent custom video production that will impress visitors. Though there certainly are video companies that specialize solely in custom video production, businesses that integrate themselves as video companies as well as other businesses like the ones we discussed before will provide high quality services along with help with graphic and web design.

Marketing companies that act as graphic design, SEO, web design, and video companies are certainly among the industry’s leaders. Before heading to a one-area specialist, consider a one-stop shop where you can take care of all your company’s needs. Learn more at this link.

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