Four Tips to Revamp Your Traditional Kitchen Ideas

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Kitchen cabinetry is a fine art, and do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Inside a cabinet, there can literally reside anything — dishes, food, spices, anything. When you are working with a limited area, though, you need to see the angles and map out good kitchen ideas for small kitchens before you execute them. To help get you started, here are five kitchen renovation ideas to consider when planning your home makeover.

1. Efficiency and style

Plenty of traditional kitchen ideas are simple, but they might not always be the most convenient. Studies have shown that there is an actual range of space you should aim for when considering how to set up your sink, stove and refrigerator. Consider this the holy trinity of your kitchen, as this is where you will be doing most of the work. Aim for a total area of between 12 and 23 feet between the legs of this triangle for maximum kitchen efficiency.

2. Saving space wherever you can

There is nothing worse than a crowded kitchen. When you find space, you must absolutely utilize it or else risk overcrowding other, less roomy areas. This is where a slim spice rack can be your salvation. Find that unused space and plant your rack, though make sure it does not make the area look cluttered. This is how you can turn traditional kitchen ideas into practical solutions to space problems.

3. ROI vs. FYI

Obviously, you are planning out some new traditional kitchen ideas in order to spice up your home — literally. But it is important to not get carried away in the planning process. The most successful kitchen remodeling blends both your personal tastes and a good return on investment to create a winning, picture-perfect design. Luckily, a typical kitchen makeover can net a ROI of up to 80 percent when done correctly.

4. Keeping costs low

You know the value of your home. You know what a kitchen makeover will cost. Now compare the two. To get the best value out of your kitchen remodeling, the cost of the updates should be no more than 20 percent of the value of your house. All your expansive traditional kitchen ideas will not mean anything if that number is too high above 20 percent.

Remember, you are the artist here. You may have architects and designers to help you along the path to completion, but your traditional kitchen ideas should be exactly that: your ideas. All it takes is a little determination and a lot of patience.

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