Clamps and Deburring Tools Keep Production Safe and Accurate

Vibration mountings and controls

Did you know that bolts, drill bushings, deburring tools, and more, make the production of cars, aircraft, spacecrafts, and construction vehicles possible? De-Sta-Co manufactures industrial parts, and these same parts contribute to the accurate and safe production of any number of vehicles. How do each of these individual parts work toward making a final product, or vehicle, ultimately helping you get to and from work?

Deburring Tools

Burrs, or unwanted remnants of materials, can cause a number of different problems. Some burrs prevent fasteners, like bolts, pins, and more, from sitting properly. This can decrease the effectiveness of, and damage, the fastener. At times, it can even lead to damaged, or faulty, equipment. Rough edges and sharp corners also may increase the likelihood of electricity build-up, or static discharge.

Workers can put their minds at ease with simple deburring tools. Hiring professionals for deburring can be expensive, and many at-home workers and companies benefit from purchasing their own deburring tools. If time is a concern, thermal deburring is quick and effective. In fact, thermal deburring tools reach temperatures of up to 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit, and can remove burrs in just 20 milliseconds.

Coupling Bolts and De-Sta-Co Clamps

Ensuring accuracy and precision in vehicle production starts with keeping equipment, parts, and industrial machinery secure. De-Sta-Co produces coupling bolts, for example, that give machinery and equipment a 360 degree range of movement, while also keeping equipment secure, durable, and strong. De-Sta-Co clamps serve a similar function. Clamps come in a wide variety of styles, including horizontal hold-down clamps, squeeze action clamps, pull-action clamps, precision clamping, and more. All clamps, however, serve the function of keeping equipment and parts securely in place, to allow for accurate, controlled production.

Vibration Mounts

Untamed vibrations pose a lot of risk. Significant vibrations can lead to the production of faulty equipment and vehicle parts, and, at times, even increase the likelihood of injury. Vibration control systems elevate machinery and absorb the brunt of vibrations. These systems keep machinery and parts, like drill bushings, stable, secure, and safe.

The production of automobiles, aircraft, space crafts, and construction equipment demands secure and safe tools, parts, and equipment. De-Sta-Co manufactures parts and machinery that ensures production is as safe, efficient, and accurate as possible. Find more on this here:

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