A Better Way to Organize Your Move

Relocating lists

Did you know that more Americans relocate than visit Disneyland each year? It might be difficult to believe, but about 17% of the U.S. population moves to a new residence within the same 12-month period. Of course, when you consider the fact that more than a third of Americans do not own homes, it’s not surprising that half of those people decide not to renew their leases.

According to statistics culled from U.S. Census Bureau data, the average American can expect to change residences between 11 and 12 times during his lifetime. Although moving can be exciting, it is almost never enjoyable. Even if movers are looking forward to beginning important new chapters in their lives, the seemingly endless responsibilities that must be addressed can be overwhelming.

Whether you are moving across the state, to the opposite coast, or around the world, a moving out check list can make moving more organized, efficient, and help movers to avoid headaches later. Some people might find a home moving checklist to be a waste of time, but naysayers probably have no idea what a good moving out check list look like.

Ideally, the activities included in a moving list should begin two months in advance of relocation. To make the final days of moving easier, the sorting and purging of the home should begin six to eight weeks before moving day arrives. Concurrently, movers should be researching moving companies, sorting out school records, and create a binder in which all receipts can be kept.

A month before move, any frozen food should be used or discarded, moving materials should be bought, and decisions regarding which furnishings will be taken along should be made. During the last month, arrangements should be double-checked, packing should begin, change of address forms completed, prescriptions filled out, medical records transferred, and inventory taken. At this point, all that should be left are a few clothes and personal belongings packed in each family member’s individual suitcases.

It may seem simple, but a moving out check list can make a move a whole lot easier. Most importantly, it can make moving considerably less stressful. When a move is better organized and less stressful, movers will be able to relax and enjoy the excitement as they begin new chapters in their lives.

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