Visiting the UK in Style

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The United Kingdom is perhaps the nation most densely packed with remarkable historical locations. Travel to ireland and scotland is a popular holiday option, providing hundreds of beautiful and interesting locations to see and experience. Some agencies offer custom tours of European capitals, providing visitors with personal concierge services and allowing them to experience foreign cities on their own terms. Such service would be fantastic in any location, but is particularly useful in locations as historically rich and culturally fascinating as Ireland and Scotland

Interesting Places to Visit in England

London alone is full of fascinating sites, including Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Big Ben, Portabello Road, and the London Eye, among others. The rest of England, however, has many equally interesting attractions. Stonehenge is a popular tourist location and has been the subject of new study and speculation in recent years, helping to complete historical information about the long mysterious site. St. Albans, a Roman city located 25 minutes from London, is known for its Roman ruins, lovely museum, and charm, as it remains inhabited. In recent years, Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey is filmed, has become a popular tourist attraction and is located only an hour and a half from London. Previously a home for evacuated children during World War II, Highclere Castle has received the attention of many since it’s appearance on the well loved show, including that of famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber who offered to buy it as a house for his art collection. Downton Abbey house tours have become very popular for visitors to England.

Interesting Places to Visit in Scotland

Those who tour scotland often elect to visit at least one major city, usually Edinburgh or Glasgow. Both cities boast wonderful restaurants and history, as well as shopping. The Scottish lochs are also popular destinations. Hadrian’s Wall is located between England and Scotland and is renowned as one of Europe’s most important archaeological sites.

Interesting Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island and offers plenty in terms of scenery and photo opportunities. The Lakes of Killarney and Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry are favorites. Visitors can take a boat through the lakes to Lord Brandon’s cottage, have lunch, and ride back through the Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe in an afternoon, providing plenty to see and eat. It is generally agreed that mid March is one of the best times to visit Ireland, as Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day is a once in a lifetime experience. Literary and musical events are celebrated throughout the city, culminating in the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day.

Those who travel to Ireland and Scotland are never disappointed by the wide array of attractions, rich history, and incredible scenery. Though any method of travel to Ireland and Scotland results in an incredible holiday, custom tours offer experiences far more intimate and involved than those available to the public. To travel to Ireland and Scotland in style, book your custom UK tour today. References.

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