Unique Murphy Bed Designs

Murphy bed designs

Throughout history, we’ve done our best to maximize space in our homes. Colonial Americans build closets on either side of their fireplaces for storage, but sometimes didn’t even need them because they simply didn’t have enough possessions to warrant closet space. Today, most of us hardly fit that category. Space is at a premium in many homes and apartments, and we’ve developed some very creative ways to take advantage of what we have.

One great way to save space in a guest room, bedroom, or studio apartment is to buy a Murphy bed. Murphy beds, also called wall beds, pull down beds, and fold-down beds, can be discreetly stored in an upright position when they aren’t in use, and are now even put on piston-lift or torsion springs for easier lowering and raising.

Though original Murphy beds simply folded up into faux wardrobes, there are now many Murphy bed dessigns that provide dual functionality. Here, we’ll look at a few exceptional Murphy bed designs that don’t just help you save space. They even help you use it better.

Murphy Bed Designs

Storage space can be created using a Murphy bed if the bed is designed to fit into a build out. Cabinets and shelving can be built to surround the bed which, when folded, fits seamlessly into the storage area.

Sliding bookshelves can be placed on tracks to glide over a folded up Murphy bed. These Murphy bed designs are ideal for offices that double as guest rooms.

Fold-out desks can easily be incorporated onto the bottom sides of Murphy beds so that, when folded up, a drop down desk can transform the room’s functionality.

Table beds are not strictly Murphy bed designs, but fit into a similar category. Some beds are able to convert back and forth between tables and beds with some simple movement of the table top and extension of the bed legs.

Murphy beds are a great way to maximize space, especially when they can double functionality with unique design. If space is at a premium in your home, consider incorporating one of these great designs. Visit here for more: www.morespaceplace.com

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