Limousines, the Airport Transport and the Presidential Car

Limo service airport

Culturally we associate the limousine with wealth and power since they can be one of the more expensive forms of transportation. Limo service airport transportation can actually be an effective way of getting to and from the airport. Using an airport limousine service allows you to effectively plan your ground transportation without issues around parking during your trip.

Alternatively, a luxury limo service can provide private transportation among various events or celebrations. For those preparing to celebrate a birthday or special event, you can travel in style with a chauffeured limousine. While a rarity for the limo service airport varieties, some services have themed or decorated limos. The longest limo ever built was a Lincoln that measured 100 feet long. To accommodate the long size, it had 26 wheels along the length. It had a hinged center that would enable it to turn corners, using a driver cabin in the front and back.

The presidential limo comes with an included oxygen supply, a fire fighting system, night vision cameras, cannons for tear gas, run flat Kevlar tires and steel wheels that can work without tires. This level of security and sophistication is representative of the infinite customization you can find in limousines. While the presidents car is built with safety in mind, there are probably limousines made from every conceivable model of car like a Hummer or a Honda. A Canadian created the Prius limo with six doors and the room to seat ten people.

As the first president to join AAA, the American Automobile Association, Woodrow Wilson used a limo for the rest of his life. When leaving office, his friends bought the vehicle from the White House so he could enjoy limousine services forever. His wife later donated it to the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation. More information like this.

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  1. We used to rent a limo for every prom or dance as teenagers. I guess it could not have been too expensive if we were able to pool meager funds togther for it.

  2. Well, yeah. It is definitely not expensive when you use it for only a few hours versus hiring a full time driver and buying the car.

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