Five Reasons Why an Organic Bed Beats a Regular Mattresses

Organic sheets

You shop for organic foods at the supermarket and at farmers markets. You scope out organic clothing at local specialty shops. Now, with an organic bed, you can continue to support organic products even when you are asleep. Here are five reasons why organic beds beat regular mattresses any day.

1. All natural. An organic bed is made from naturally grown materials like wool, cotton, hemp or bamboo that have not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. These organic mattresses are free from any artificial materials, unlike regular mattresses which are typically built from synthetic foam.

2. Fire safe. Codes put in place by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission in 2007 stipulate that all beds must be flame retardant to combat potential fires. Most regular mattresses use chemicals to do this. Organic beds typically use wool, which is a natural flame retardant, to meet this safety requirement.

3. Sneeze free. Some choose to go organic to avoid the troubles of allergies to regular bedding material. An organic bed is 100 percent hypoallergenic, from the mattress right up the organic sheets on top, so you can stop sneezing and itching and enjoy your rest.

4. Baby compatible. Regular mattresses are usually made from petroleum-based polyurethane foam, which the Environmental Protection Agency has listed as potentially harmful. As this foam can be connected to certain respiratory illnesses in children, an organic crib might be the best option for your little one.

5. Accessory friendly. While a solid organic mattress is a good starting place, you do not have to stop there. Companies that create organic bedding also create mattress pads, throw pillows, bedspreads and pillowcases that satisfy organic requirements. Go crazy!

These natural, organic options can help ease your worries about safe bedding. An eased mind means better sleep. And better sleep comes from an organic bed. Continue your research here:

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