Do You Have a Dog? Here are Five Facts You Need to Know About Doggy Day Care

Salem oregon dog boarding

If you live in the state of Oregon and you need to make sure that your pets are getting the best care possible while you are at work during the day, then you might want to look into doggie day care salem oregon. Here are a few more facts about the importance of pet day care and about your pets in a more general sense.

1. Did you know that recent studies have concluded that dogs actually laugh? Humans are unable to distinguish the sound of dog laughter from regular pants, but experts believe that dogs do laugh as a result of studies other factors. One of the reasons for this is probably from the great care and love that you are able to provide and even possibly the care that a dog day care can give them while you are at work.

2. Did you know that fairly recent research has indicated that it is quite likely that dogs can smell fear, anxiety, and even sadness? These are some of the things that dogs can smell without any training. With training, the possibilities have become truly astounding. Some dogs have even been trained to detect epileptic seizures.

3. One of the reasons that dogs are able to smell things that humans can not really even comprehend is because of the fact that dogs can smell about 1,000 times better than humans. While the average human has approximately five million smell detecting cells, dogs have more than 220 million.

4. Did you know that 39 percent of all households in the United States contain at least one dog? This is one of the reasons that pet day care is so important since quite a few of those households will be empty during the day, leaving the dogs by themselves.

5. Since Nine out of every 10 pet owners claim that they consider the pet a part of their family, the rise in popularity of pet day care really only makes sense.

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  1. i would love to be able to do this for my dogs but i do not think that there are any in my area. i live in a pretty small town and i have enough trouble finding people to watch my dogs when i have to travel for work

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