When Should You Hire an IRS Tax Attorney?

Tax debt lawyer

Are you one of the millions of Americans who owes money to the IRS? This can be a dangerous situation, as the IRS has the legal right to levy your assets, such as your wages, car, and even your home when they seek permission from a federal magistrate. Even though there are 1.2 million tax prepares in America, they may not be able to help once the IRS is after you. If this is the case, you may need to seek the help of an IRS tax attorney. But when do you need a tax attorney? There are certain situations where it is almost imperative that you receive legal representation, and here a few of the most common.

1. When the IRS is threatening to, or is already in the process of, taking legal action against you. Tax debt attorneys are available to represent you when you find yourself in Court against the IRS. They will make sure that the IRS does not take advantage of you, and they will fight to negotiate terms that can save your assets.

2. When you need general assistance with tax issues you do not understand. Many people do not know what needs to be filed, when it needs to be filed, and how it needs to be filed. Even the 1040EZ, which is considered to be the easiest tax form to complete, has 33 pages of instructions. The jumble of paperwork can get confusing, and an IRS tax attorney will help clear up any confusion you have so that you do not find yourself in hot water with the IRS.

3. When you have been audited. Although an audit does not necessarily mean the IRS is pursuing criminal charges, they may want additional proof that you are claiming the correct amount. If you find yourself in this situation, IRS tax attorneys can help you through it by advising how to correctly file your forms and what needs to be included on them. They will also be able to communicate to the IRS on your behalf, and they can find out the real reason you are being audited. By doing this, you know exactly what the IRS will need from you.

Dealing with the IRS can be a scary situation. Since Federal tax rates can run upwards of 39.6 percent, it may be difficult keeping up on your tax payments. Even something as little as a deck of cards in Alabama has a 10 cent tax on it. Whether you are already in trouble with the IRS or want to avoid it from happening, an IRS tax attorney can find a viable solution to your problem. More info like this.

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