Urgent Care Facilities

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Urgent care facilities are one of the largest growing industries right now. Over 129,000 people are currently employed by urgent care facilities, helping to keep the industry working properly and to its best ability. What is 24 hour urgent care? Urgent care medical centers are facilities that are dedicated to helping people outside of the hospital emergency department, and it is usually unscheduled, or by walk in.

Urgent health care centers take care of patients that require immediate attention but is not deathly or gravely serious. With over 1 billion Americans getting colds each year, urgent care facilities are beneficial to those that do not want to go to the emergency room for such a minor health concern. In some states, urgent care facilities are allowed to dispense prescriptions, and patients are able to have their prescription before even leaving the center. With younger people fracturing their wrist and older people fracturing their hip, it is important for places like urgent care facilities to exist in order to take care of these types of incidents when primary care doctors are not open. With only 29 percent of primary care doctors having after hour coverage, it is important that urgent care facilities are available to those that need it.

Immediate care is important to those that are looking for medical attention when primary care doctors are closed. Finding immediate care centers closest to your home is easy to find online. While some towns or cities may not have an immediate care that is open 24 hours near you, the important thing is that there are urgent care places available if need be. The emergency room is not always everyones first choice, but both are available when medical attention is needed. More on this.

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