Top Three Reasons to Use a Turbidity Curtain

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A turbidity curtain is a flexible, impermeable barrier used to trap sediment in water bodies. This curtain is generally weighted at the bottom to ensure that sediment does not travel under the curtain, which is supported at the top through a flotation system. Turbidity curtains are the ideal solution for any type of construction project. Here are a few reasons to look into them if you have a construction project taking place near the water any time in the near future.

1. Human activities that displace earth, such as construction, mining, or agricultural endeavors, can lead to high sediment levels entering bodies of water. One of the best ways to prevent this is the use of turbidity barriers deployed by response boats.Turbidity barriers, which are intended for use in calm waters, are effective in controlling the release of organics into the water column which can be toxic to marine life at concentrated levels.

2. Anchoring the turbidity barrier curtains in tidal or other conditions is paramount where the turbidity curtain may be subject to loading from either side. It is best to anchor the turbidity curtain from both sides so that a wind or current change cannot allow the turbidity curtain to override the anchors or pull them free. In areas with flowing water, every attempt should be made to orient the turbidity curtain so that it is parallel to the water to decrease the risk of damage or failure.

3. While in service an attached to a response boat, turbidity curtains should be inspected on a regular basis. This helps to ensure that the risks of failure are kept to a minimum like in most aspects of construction materials.


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