These Quick Tips and Tricks Will Make your Brand Marketing Easier


If you are looking into brand marketing, hiring a brand marketing agency might be the best way to go. However, if that sounds too pricy, especially for a small business, then you can look into brand consulting instead. While not a marketing plan, per say, it does at least point you in the right direction, and you can find many resources online to help you with brandconsulting.

Here are some key points you might want to focus on if you are going to do your own marketing rather than going with a professional brand marketing agency.

  1. 90% of people who own smart phones say hat they check their email and surf the internet using their mobile device. So, a mobile version of your website is actually very sensible.
  2. Adding QR codes to your products can increase interest for smart phone users. The code is a square bar code that can be scanned via a smart phone, and when scanned it can display contact information, special text or content, or even open a webpage in the browser on the mobile device.
  3. As more people use mobile devices to surf the internet, mobile marketing becomes increasingly more important. Every year the number of mobile internet users increases, for example, from 2011 to 2012 the number of users increased from 97.3 million to 113.9 million.
  4. 90% of those employed in franchise marketing use content marketing of some kind whether they do it purposely or not.
  5. A franchise consultant is going to tell you that you want to have not necessarily groundbreaking, but memorable advertisements. Nothing like Ridley Scott’s “big brother” Apple add, which was one of the most groundbreaking advertisements recorded, which happened during the 1984 Super Bowl, but something that will stick with the viewer.

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