Not Sure How to Help Your Kid Get Started with an Instrument?

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Music in schools is becoming more and more relevant, a trend that is helping kids to become more well rounded and, research says, to succeed in their academic subjects. For parents, navigating that first year of instrumental music can be a little hectic. Purchasing an instrument and helping your child care for it are fairly major undertakings which shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of questions that come with them, like “Where can I get a quality, inexpensive instrument?” and “How do I make sure my kid is treating her instrument right?” Here, we’ll try to give you a little help.

Purchasing an Instrument

One of the best options for students early in their musical instruction is to buy used musical instruments online or in a store. Those who feel like they are unfamiliar with their children’s instruments of choice might find it useful to visit a store in person, meaning that it is usually wise to look for a local shop that specializes in second hand music instruments and used music equipment. There is a lot of variety in terms of quality, so it’s essential to understand the characteristics of the instrument you’re purchasing, especially if you opt to buy used musical instruments. If you’re still really wrestling with the new vs. used question, here are a couple considerations:

Buying New
Beginner instruments are usually of lower quality than professional equipment, though they are far less expensive. Many purchasing woodwind instruments which use fragile pads to cover holes on the instrument are often purchased new in order to avoid ripped, mildewed, or otherwise damaged pads. Some shops offer students the opportunity to rent an instrument which many parents opt for, especially if they are unsure that their children will stick with the instrument.

Buying Used
Used instruments are a great cost effective option, especially for durable instruments like brass, string, and percussion instruments. Woodwinds can be purchased used, but it is wise to have a professional look it over. Stores that sell used music equipment will often help you refurbish the pads on an instrument that needs a little TLC.

Caring for Your Used Musical Instrument

When you buy use musical instruments, it’s a good idea to ask the sales person for a few tips. Though each instrument has particulars about care, there are a few general rules for caring for an instrument.

  • Assemble your instrument gently and carefully every time.
  • Avoid wielding your instrument in a reckless manner. They are easily dented and bent.
  • When you’re finished playing, disassemble your instrument carefully and put it back in its case the right way. Don’t leave it laying around.
  • Clean your instrument using a soft cloth regularly. Brass players need to empty their spit valves when necessary.

Learning to play a musical instrument is an exciting endeavor that can enrich a student’s life. Helping them get started is a little easier if you can find a quality location to buy used musical instruments. To see more, read this:

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