Do you Really Need an Attorney if you are Trying to Deal with the IRS?

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If you are in trouble with the IRS, you are bound to have quite a few tax law questions, and the answers might not always be obvious. However, then the question of when do you need a tax attorney comes up, because you might not know if you need one. Which breeds the question of what do tax lawyers do, which is why at you need to know if you are planning on hiring one if it is necessary.

There are many different ways to get legal tax help, and a tax attorney consultation can help you figure out what kind of attorney is right for your situation, and what legal tax advice you need to get through your problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

However, before you go looking into answering what do tax lawyers do, maybe you need to know a little more about the IRS and what they do. Here are some basic facts to keep in mind about taxes and the forces that govern the IRS.

  1. By the time 1989 rolled around, only taxpayers in 36 of our 50 states were able to efile their taxes. But, in 1990, a year later, anyone could.
  2. Tax exemption is provided by any governments in the United states for certain property, persons, or income.
  3. As a part of an act in 1861 called the Regenue Act, the very first federal income tax came into practice.
  4. The IRS is required by law in accordance with the U.S. Constitution to provide a taxpayer notice that they are levying them, and they must allow the taxpayer an opportunity to be heard.
  5. To fire an employee in order to expressly avoid handling a tax levy can be considered a criminal offense. A fine of as much as $1,000 is provided for by federal law, as well as prison time of up to one year, for any employer that willfully terminates an employee because of the garnishment of an employee’s earnings.


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