Boston is the Never Never Land of the East Coast

Rental apartments

If you are a college student, you have probably grown sick of living in a dorm and are anxious to find affordable rental apartments. There are many downtown apartments for rent that are a close to campus. Deciding upon living in rental apartments can make you feel much more grown up and autonomous, even if your parents are paying your rent.

I remember when my good friends Eric and Megan moved from the dorm to their own rental apartments. Even though their parents were paying for them to live there, it seemed like they were so much more responsible, even if technically they were not. They owned their own dishware. They vacuumed. They paid, from their own checking accounts, the cost of their own long distance calls. Keep in mind that this was 1996 and way before everybody and their brother owned a cellphone.

There were nasty, mean spirited rats outside of their rental apartments, gnawing away on chain link and knothole. You could hear the nasty buggers squealing away outside like a chorus of plague infected banshees. Oh well, said Megan, that is what you get for choosing to live in Boston rental apartments.Of course, she eventually ditched Boston rental apartments and moved to New York City, but what can you really expect from such a spoiled little girl? Read more:

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