Sometimes It Takes Tragedy to Realize the Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance

As long as I have pets I will have pet insurance for them. Unfortunately, it took a tragedy to get me to realize the importance of being prepared financially for these things. If you let your pet out of doors then you should know that accidents and illnesses are more likely than if you were to keep your pet indoors. For my cat, Nicodemus, it was not an indoor or outdoor issue. He became very sick, very fast, and I was determined to do whatever it took to keep him alive.

Once upon a time radiation therapy, kidney transplants, and other life saving conditions were only available to humans. The good news is that they are now also available for pets, but costs could be more than $5,000. For my cat there was no way to determine his ailment, and so we spent more than $10,000 to try and save his life. I did not have pet insurance and that was how I learned my lesson.

You may be fortunate to work for one of the 1,600 companies who optionally offer pet insurance as an employee benefit! Unfortunately, my employer offers no such benefit so I searched for pet insurance reviews to help inform me about which pet health insurance was best for me and my pets. I was looking for the best pet insurance reviews out there and eventually I found a company that fit my needs for cat insurance.

And then I got a dog. I was happy to learn that dog insurance was offered by the same provider that I was using to cover my cats! It is important to know that there are some things that pet insurance does not cover. Preexisting and hereditary conditions are typically excluded, and in dogs like Retrievers or German Shepherds that would mean something like hip dysplasia. Still, dog insurance is absolutely essential because there are many accidents and illnesses that are covered.

Something that I did not realize when I was looking into dog insurance was that it is not like my own health insurance. Pet insurance is more closely related to property insurance, so you are likely to pay an annual lump sum and then have to submit a claim form when something goes wrong.

Please, save yourself the pain of having to choose between maxing out all your credit cards and getting your pet the procedures it needs to be healthy. Pet insurance is one pet related purchase you will not regret, unlike that $30 toy which was destroyed in under two minutes by your over zealous pit terrier mix. Read more blogs like this:

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