Is Your Auto Glass Safe Enough?

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Are you familiar with the word, “defenestrate?” If you have ever been in a car accident, you may be. The word is a verb, meaning to throw something (or someone) out of a window. This has been the tragic end to too many automobile passengers and operators. This is why safety auto glass is so essential to any driver.

If you have ever gone through the unfortunate experience of a car crash, then you may already know how much it can cost to repair auto glass. Needless to say (like any automobile repair), automobile glass repair is not exactly cheap. Window and glass repair, or any vehicle glass repair can put a serious dent in your monthly budget, unless you know how to shop around for safety auto glass.

The Romans were the first civilization to have the idea of putting glass in windows…and what a good idea it was! This is only one of the many advents of the Romans which we still apply to this day around the world. The first manufactured glass dates back to the 4th millennium BC. In both Mesopotamia and Egypt, heated crushed quartz was used to create glazes for ceramics.

Safety auto glass must be durable and dependable. When you are moving at 60 to 70 miles per hour, it has to be. The most common window types are fixed, single hung sash, double hung sash, horizontal sliding sash, and casement. My favorite type of window, however, is the bullet proof dome of the Pope Mobile. If only it were realistic to buy the same type of safety auto glass that the Pope uses.

Safety auto glass must be held to certain standards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was founded in 1970. It since has passed multiple regulations regarding automotive glass. Automotive glass, due to the nature of how it is used, needs to be held to a high quality standard.

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