If You are Looking for a Hobby, Maybe Consider Taking up Ceramics!

Pottery wheel supplies

Are you looking for a new hobby? Why not take up something that lets you produce a finished product … Maybe even a product you can sell? A pottery wheel could be the perfect investment for you! Pottery, potters wheels, and pottery supplies can be inexpensive, and if you were able to sell the pottery you made you would be able to get the cost back without a problem!

Potters wheels come in many sizes, to allow you to make all kinds of different ceramics! And, with an electric kiln at your disposal, it should be a breeze. Small kilns are very popular because they take up less space, and running on electric allows it to comfortably stay in your home without requiring other resources to power it.

Still not convinced that pottery might be just right for you? Take a look at these facts and maybe you will change your mind.

1. A nonmetallic, inorganic solid that is prepared by applying heat and subsequently cooling it is ceramic.

2. Stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware are the three major kinds of pottery.

3. Ceramics can be constructed from clay coils by hand, pinching clay that is in solid balls, combining clay that is in flat slabs, or any combination of these.

4. The oldest way to make pottery is the hand forming of clay.

5. The process referred to as throwing comes from “thrawan”, which is an Old English word meaning to turn or twist. It involves placing a ball of clay on a turntable or wheel head which is rotated using foot power, an electric motor, or a stick. Find more on this here: www.bigceramicstore.com

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