Can Technology Save Our Prisons?

Inmate visitation system

Prisoner visitation rights are always a tricky issue. This is particularly true in places like California where the prisons are overcrowded and a lot of people want to visit family members. This is also something that guards and correction officers need to keep in mind. But there are alternatives. Video visitation is one of them.

A virtual visitation system might not be the same thing for a lot of people. But there are benefits for both criminals and officers. On the one hand, it makes for less contraband like knives or narcotics, entering the facility. It also greatly reduces the administrative burden on the facility. On the other hand, it means that prisoners can see family members more frequently.

Video visitation systems also mean that prisoners can meet with a more diverse range of people. For example, they can talk to clergy members or their attorneys through these visitation videos while saving their face to face prisoner visitation rights for family members.

video technology has already changed the way that many businesses conduct their operations. It is only a matter of time before it makes it into the prison more thoroughly. It is uncertain how long it will take for prisoners all to become familiar with Skype. This is not something that happens overnight. Nonetheless, people will probably still find new ways to bring modern technologies into prisons.

If so, this change could be useful for everyone with a stake in the issue. Both prisoners and prison guards could use a technology that could make their lives easier. Continue your research here.

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