Preparing For Your Big Move

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Nearly 6.7 million households or families moved in the United States during 2010. That represents a whole lot of boxes and packing tape as people figured out how to get all of their possessions together before moving residences.

Whether a military move or another type of relocation, many individuals choose to pack early and store their possessions in pods storage so that they can better manage other logistics. Pods moving also allows your moving company to transport your moving pods in stages. For example, you could pack partial rooms and let pods moving services “exchange” that for the next pod that you can fill.

Since about one third, 37 percent, of people in the U.S. have never moved from their hometown, some simple moving guidelines can make the transition easier. If using pods moving, you have some flexibility in packing and storing your boxes. Starting with a prioritized list, you will be able to properly decide where you can pack the most early on.

With pods moving, you should plan what does not get packed as well. Make sure that your valuables like certain collectibles, jewelry, cash, important photos and documents stay with you instead of being subjected to pods moving. That allows you to keep up with them and not subject them uninsured situations. For the most critical items, you can simply pack suitcases so that you will not have to navigate the pods moving containers to find your necessary items.

One of the things to remember when packing a room is to strategically create a staging area where you can work on filling boxes without disrupting the room. Also, as you begin to fill your pods moving containers, you will want to maintain pathways so that you can easily carry boxes and possessions through the house.

Finally, make sure you have investigated your insurance options for your pods moving endeavor. You may need to add supplemental insurance to cover replacement of your possession if you were subject to “acts of god” or natural disasters. Find more.

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