Appliances Malfunctioning? There is a More Affordable Option than Replacement!

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What appliances do you have in your home? Normally, you would think the basics are the refrigerator, stove, maybe a dishwasher, a washing machine, and dryer, right? Actually, you might be surprised about what appliances.

For example, the refrigerator replaced the ice box, which was basically just a large insulated cabinet that was packed with ice and can last 20 years. However, a dishwasher, if you happen to own one, is only meant to last a decade at best. Which is interesting, because most people don’t own a dishwasher.

The advent of the gas stove made them more popular until people really started to trend towards having them. By 1930, they outnumbered wood burning or coal stoves 2 to 1.

But probably the most interesting statistic of all is the number of households in the US with washer but no dryer is over 4 million, if you can believe it! That’s why its really important for people to get their washers repaired. It’s a good way to get a few extra years out of one of the most commonly owned appliances.

However, if you do have a dryer, you’ll most likely want to look into dryer repair as well to give you more time with it, since there are so many people that aren’t lucky enough to have one. Affordable appliance repair is very important, and not just for washer repair or dryer repair. Refrigerator repair keeps it going for 15 to 19 years, and that many years sounds really good, doesn’t it? You could even look into something smaller, like garbage disposal repair, for example.

Usually a repair bill is much less than it would cost to replace a unit, so if your washer is leaking or not dispensing correctly, look into washer repair or washer maintenance, and it should keep your appliances running longer and stronger! More like this article.

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